Is it nearly April already?!

Web Rabbit Hole

Apart from some tax and bureaucratic nonsense, I’ve spent most of this month testing and researching further into various front and back-end options for the new site.

Things are looking a little tight if we’re still going to have a soft launch at the end of April, but since I’ve basically built this kind of site 5 times before in the past I’m fairly confident I can have a working beta by then at least.

I mentioned the 80TB bandwidth challenge last month, and our solution for that seems to be working wonderfully so far.

But apart from just bandwidth, there’s also the challenge of building a stable system that can handle hundreds of millions of requests, many of which need to go to a database to get lists and information about our assets. This is actually the biggest issue with our current sites and a major cause of stability problems recently.

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Welcome back!

It’s been a busy month for Poly Haven and there’s a lot to talk about 🙂

GPU go brrr

Thanks to your donations on Patreon, a new RTX 3090 joins the family!

We’ve decided to make 16k the new standard resolution for texture maps going forward, and to achieve this we need some serious hardware.

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Welcome to Poly Haven’s first Development log 🙂

This is the start of a new monthly (?) series that summarizes progress of our work creating assets for (or, currently:, and

General progress & state

We’ve hired Rico Cilliers and James Ray Cock as full time 3D artists, who are now spending most of their time creating 3d models for our Pawn Shop project which I’ll explain below.

Dimitrios Savva (“Meat”), an experienced camera operator, also joins the team part-time to work on more texture scans.

Andreas and Sergej continue to work on HDRIs every month.

Rob continues making texture scans regularly and helps the rest of the team figure out good workflows.

I (Greg) work on web development, project planning, quality control, and business things.

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